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Lavender Honey Lotion Bar - Nat Botanicals
Lavender Honey Lotion Bar - Nat Botanicals
Lavender Honey Lotion Bar - Nat Botanicals
Lavender Honey Lotion Bar - Nat Botanicals
Lavender Honey Lotion Bar - Nat Botanicals

Lavender Lotion Bar

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With skin-nourishing olive & shea butter, antiseptic beeswax, and pure essential oils.


Our moisturizing and soothing lotion bars contain skin-nourishing olive oil & shea butter and are lightly scented with 100% certified pure essential oils (the unscented lotion bars contain no essential oils). They are formulated with naturally antiseptic beeswax, allowing the bar to solidify and to lock the moisture in the skin. As opposed to traditional lotion, our solid lotion will not run off when you wash your hands. Truly all natural, this product is made without the use of preservatives or synthetic fragrances.


The yellow beeswax used in this lotion bar imparts a very subtle natural honey scent. It combines beautifully with the pure lavender essential oil to create a balanced, warm, and calming aromatic experience.
(The unscented lotion bar contains no essential oil. Its only subtle aroma comes from the beeswax it contains.)


Lotion bars are designed to soften in contact with the skin. Lightly warm your lotion bar in your hands and spread over your skin as needed. Tip: apply generously to rough patches of skin (elbow, heals, etc.) before bed to help soften the skin overnight. Use within a year of purchase date.


Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Pure Lavender Essential Oil


Our lotion bars are the perfect travel size. Measuring 2.25" in diameter x 1" high and weighing approximately 1.75 oz., they fit perfectly in our 2.5" travel tin, making them easy to transport in a purse, toiletry bag, or carry-on luggage.


We offer two packaging options to choose from:

- Without Travel Tin: Your lotion bar will come wrapped in sustainable and compostable wax paper.

- With Travel Tin: Your lotion bar will be wrapped as the option above, and we will include a reusable travel tin in your package.


    Handmade in small batches, Nat Botanicals products are formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients that are safe for you and gentle on the earth. We are 100% committed to keeping our products free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colorants.